Organisational Structure & Administration

The Institute is governed by a Governing Council .

The Council is chaired by the President/Chairman of Council.

The Chief Executive formerly referred to as Executive Secretary is now addressed as Registrar/Chief Executive and serves as Secretary at Council meetings.

Fellows and Associates are tagged, FCIB (Fellows Chartered Institute of Bankers) and ACIB (Associates Chartered Institute of Bankers) .

In its policy formulation and coordination efforts, the Governing Council is assisted by the following Committees namely:
1.    Body of Past Presidents
2.    Board of Fellows
3.    Body of Banks Chief Executive Officers
4.    Board of Practice Licence
5.    Disciplinary Tribunal
6.    Investigating Panel
7.    Capacity Building, Certification & Students Affairs
8.    Finance/Human Resources & General Purposes Committee
9.    Membership Development and Services
10.    Research, Strategy and Advocacy
11.    Information and Communications Technology
12.    Ad-Hoc Committee on Annual Bankers Dinner
13.    Faculties

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Where we work