AICB Accredited Programmes

The financial industry is undergoing transformation. Are you ready for the future of banking and finance?
To thrive in the emerging digital financial landscape, financial sector practitioners must equip themselves with the relevant skills.
AICB is committed to help financial sector practitioners develop deeper skills and future-ready capabilities. Use the following IBF resources to future proof your career. Train Today. Prepare for Tomorrow.

AICB Accredited Programmes
Where can I find AICB Accredited Programmes
AICB has accredited a wide range of training programmes under the AICB Standards. These include proprietary programmes of financial institutions and public-run programmes by third-party training providers.
These programmes are accredited under three levels of the IBF Standards: AICB Level 1,AICB Level 2, AICB Level 3.
Benefits of attending an AICB Accredited Training Programme

 Job Relevant Skills
AICB accredited programmes are designed to equip finance practitioners with competencies needed for their jobs. Such programmes are aligned with the AICB Standards, which are developed in close consultation with industry.
  Mark of Quality
AICB accredited programmes have a training and an assessment component, and are subject to an independent and rigorous review by the AICB to ensure that the training institution and programmes meet industry standards.
 Industry Recognition
Individuals who successfully complete an AICB accredited programme and meet the relevant criteria may apply for AICB Certification. Find out more about the benefits of AICB Certification here.
 Subsidised Programme Fees
Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who successfully complete an IBF accredited programme can apply for co-funding the IBF Standards Training Scheme.
What are the AICB Standards?
AICB works closely with the industry to develop the IBF Standards.

The AICB Standards provide practice-oriented development roadmaps for financial sector practitioners. They outline the competencies required in the different industry segments, as well as possible career pathways.
The AICB Standards currently cover 12 industry segments across the financial sector, and comprise both accreditation and certification components.
Financial institutions and finance professionals are encouraged to use the AICB Roadmaps as a  guide for training and development.

Train Today. Prepare for Tomorrow.
Why be an accredited training provider
Why be an AICB accredited training provider?
In a dynamic and global financial training marketplace, being an accredited training provider is a clear way to differentiate from the competition, and be recognised as having quality training infrastructure and programmes.
Mark of Quality
The AICB accreditation process involves an independent review of an institution's ability to conduct programmes that meet industry standards. IBF accreditation therefore serves as an industry-endorsed mark of quality for training providers looking to offer programmes to Singapore's financial industry.
Job Relevant Coverage
The AICB Standards outline the competencies required for specific job roles and provide practice-oriented development roadmaps for finance professionals. AICB will review and accredit training programmes that are aligned with the AICB Standards. These form the bedrock of training programmes to equip finance professionals with skills needed for their jobs.
Partner in Talent Development
The AICB Standards also offer industry-wide recognition to participants of AICB accredited programmes. Individuals who successfully complete an AICB accredited programme and meet the relevant criteria will be eligible for IBF Certification. Discover the benefits that AICB Certification can offer to the participants of IBF accredited training programmes.
Programmes accredited under the IBF Standards are eligible for AICB Standards Training Scheme Funding, which provides 70% funding of direct training costs.
CPD Requirements
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CPD Requirements
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is integral as industry practitioners need to acquire new skills and keep their knowledge current with industry and regulatory developments.  It enables practitioners to evolve with the changing industry landscape and enhances the professionalism and value of the practitioners in the industry.
Financial practitioners will need to meet their industry segment’s CPD requirements. Details on AICB administered CPD schemes are set out in the table below:   


​Relevant Individuals


​More Information

- Client Advisor Competency Standards Continuing Professional Development

​Private Banking Covered Persons

​15 CPD hours,
of which 4 hours in Ethics, Rules & Regulations, Compliance

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- CPD requirements for Appointed Representatives of Financial Advisers

​Financial Advisory Representatives

​4 + 8 core CPD hours in Ethics and Rules & Regulations respectively

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AICB Certification CPD

​All AICB-Certified individuals

​15 CPD hours

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 New Industry Skills Roadmaps
To keep pace with financial sector transformations, AICB will be refining its existing competency framework for accreditation and certification, moving toward a skills-based approach. IBF will also look to incorporate cross-functional and digital capabilities, to complement the financial sector-specific expertise required in each industry segment.
This will enable financial practitioners to identify and acquire additional skills required for career progression or transition.
Consumer Banking
In partnership with the Consumer Banking Workgroup, AICB has developed a set of future-oriented, skills-based competency standards for both sales and non-sales roles. These standards are intended to support the training of new staff, as well as career transitions/progressions within the consumer banking segment.
Analytics and decision sciences, digital channel and design, and digital engagement and marketing will be introduced as new skills alongside existing functional skills in sales, customer interaction, product development and business assurance.
AICB is also working closely with consumer banks to accredit their in-house training programmes under the AICB Standards, as well as engage external training providers to develop customised training programmes where needed. These programmes will be made available to new and existing staff within the respective consumer banks.
Fund Management
The Fund Management Standards have been expanded to incorporate alternative investments and hedge funds. In addition to core knowledge components, the Fund Management Workgroup has also decided to include a broad range of elective skills, such as environmental and social governance and data science that may become relevant in the near future.
The new Fund Management Standards will recognise programmes that equip individuals with practical skills for jobs in the fund management industry, and will complement programmes such as CFA and CAIA which require a longer duration of study. To the extent that there are overlaps, IBF will recognise individuals who have successfully completed the CFA or CAIA programmes under the new Fund Management Standards.

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