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Our main publication is our bi-monthly magazine 'Chartered Banker'. Find out more here.
In addition, we publish research and white papers focused on helping rebuild trust and professionalism in the banking sector.
On behalf of our members, we respond to relevant Government, European Union and Regulatory consultations highlighting the impact of the proposed changes on individuals working in banks in the UK.
We also welcome contributions from our partners and use these pages to share relevant research conducted by others.
Chartered Banker Magazine
We publish our member's magazine on a bi-monthly basis. In it we feature profiles on prominent figures in the sector and investigate key issues, both in the UK and globally. We cover all relevant Institute and sector news and offer focused reports to support professional development and understanding of wider banking matters.
In addition to making this available to our members, we offer subscription to non members. Circulation of the magazine is growing through its distribution to libraries, universities, colleges and banking institutes and associations around the world.

Our bi-monthly magazine is read by our members and supporters in over 70 countries around the world.
For those not in membership, we also offer an annual subscription. Becoming an Institute Supporter will help keep you up to date with news and articles from the banking sector.
If you would like to receive a trial copy of Chartered Banker magazine before making your decision, or if you would like to request additional copies on behalf of your organisation, please provide us with a few basic details.

Our magazine reaches members, supporters and educational institutions in over 70 countries.
If you would like to find out more about the opportunities to reach our readership, please contact us:

The AICB conducts and supports research by academics, regulators and practitioners into areas of particular interest to the Institute and its members, including:

•    Professional Standards
•    Ethics and Integrity
•    Culture, Conduct and Behaviour
•    Banking Standards
•    Banking Regulation
•    Education and Training of Bankers

Our work to enhance and sustain ethical and professional standards in banking both informs and is informed by the evidence-based research we conduct ourselves and with our research partners. Most of our research findings are made freely available and disseminated widely to stimulate public debate on the issues raised.

We believe that a strong banking profession, committed to high ethical and professional standards, can be a force for social good, and our aim is to enhance and sustain the banking profession in Africa and other regulatory consultations seeking to ensure that our members' voices are heard.

Current Research
The Institute has done more in recent years to rebuild the banking profession in the Africa and any other body, and our work has had significant influence internationally too.
We want to encourage others to help us in our work to enhance and sustain customer-focused, ethical professionalism in banking, and publish regular Special Reports which examine key issues involved in rebuilding the banking profession.
We welcome contributions from others who share our view that banking should be a profession that customers, communities and bankers themselves can be proud of.
Application for Research Funding
The AICB is one of  the most highly regarded  professional banking institute in the Africa. We are a member-led organisation, representing qualified bankers and those working towards their professional qualifications.

Our objectives,

to encourage the highest standards of professionalism and conduct amongst our members in the public interest;
•    to improve and extend the knowledge and expertise of those engaged in banking and financial services;
•    to conduct examinations and promote the continued study of banking and financial services in all their aspects, and to
•    award certificates to candidates who meet the standards laid down by the Institute;
•    to establish links and co-operate with other professional or educational bodies with a view to the pursuit of common
•    objectives and to represent the banking profession both nationally and internationally.
Research Themes
In supporting these objectives, the Institute is interested in supporting research from our Centres of Excellence and not necessarily solely from their faculties of banking and finance. There is no definitive list of subject areas, but priority will be given to the following areas:
•     Ethics and integrity
•    Conduct risk
•    Culture
•    Professionalism (e.g. Education and training of bankers, Professional standards or developing the banking profession)
•    The development of Green Finance or concepts of sustainability for banking.

Other research topics may be considered if they:
•    are agreed to be influential to emerging policy in banking;
•    are aligned to the Institute’s objectives;
•    make a contribution to thought leadership, either in or from the banking industry.

Regulation Watch
Regulation Watch is a resource aimed at providing our members with updates on the activity of the sector's regulators, highlighting areas of specific interest.

The FCA has released a new guide setting out the foundations for good cyber security. The guide aims to help firms, particularly smaller businesses, become more resilient to cyber attacks and to respond more appropriately to cyber incidents. More info can be found on cyber resilience the FCA's website.

The UK Cards Association has released a new guide to help finance providers identify and support customers in vulnerable situations: Vulnerability: a guide for lending.
Speech by Mark Steward, Director of Enforcement and Market Oversight at the FCA: The expanding scope of individual accountability for corporate misconduct.

Short speech by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, in which he states that, "the UK has instituted a unique Senior Managers Regime to embed cultures of risk awareness, openness and ethical behaviour. Based on its early successes, international authorities are now considering following the UK’s lead".

Jamie Symington, Director of Investigations at the FCA talks about the evolving approach to investigations at the regulator.

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