Working with banking institutes & Professional bodies

Banking is an international profession. High standards of ethical, professional and technical competence are required worldwide, and our qualifications and standards are recognised around the world as the gold standard of banking professionalism.
The banking profession offers individuals opportunities to pursue international careers. When our members are working overseas, their skills, expertise and professionalism is recognised by their international colleagues.
Overseas colleagues can also study to become Chartered Bankers, thanks to a number of joint initiatives with like-minded bodies supporting the banking sector in their countries. You can find out more in our International section.

Working with Professional bodies
We know it isn't just bankers who work in banking.  Other professional skills are required. We work with a growing range of non-banking professional bodies to align our work on professional development, making it easier for individuals and their employers to see how everything can fit together.
This may take the form of helping their members understand the core disciplines of banking and to gain recognition for this within our framework, using their existing professional qualifications as a platform for study with us.
To be recognised as a Chartered Banker Centre of Excellence an Institution must meet the following criteria:
•    Have a relevant banking and finance degree accredited for recognition against the Chartered Banker qualification structure. This will allow graduates who complete the degree to apply for full or partial Institute membership and allow them to use a specified designation.
•    Host jointly branded events bringing together academics and banking practitioners and providing a great opportunity for engagement.
•    Create or contribute to high quality research of interest to banking and wider financial services and share this research with Institute members and relevant students.
For further information about the Centres of Excellence, please contact

Benefits of being a Centre of Excellence
•    Graduates will have an industry recognised professional qualification, together with a pathway into the industry, helping to distinguish them in a competitive market.  
•    The initiative will bring the commercial and academic world together, providing leadership, research and support to students helping them to embed the skills and knowledge required to work in the industry.
•    Whilst studying students will be able to maintain a student membership with the institute. Upon completion of a relevant course students will be qualified to become a Member and eligible for Chartered Banker Status.  

Application for Research Funding
The AICB is one of  the most highly regarded  professional chartered banking institute in the AFRICA. We are a member-led organisation, representing qualified bankers and those working towards their professional qualifications.
. Our objectives  are:
•    to encourage the highest standards of professionalism and conduct amongst our members in the public interest;
•    to improve and extend the knowledge and expertise of those engaged in banking and financial services;
•    to conduct examinations and promote the continued study of banking and financial services in all their aspects, and to
•    award certificates to candidates who meet the standards laid down by the Institute;
•    to establish links and co-operate with other professional or educational bodies with a view to the pursuit of common
•    objectives and to represent the banking profession both nationally and internationally.
Research Themes
In supporting these objectives, the Institute is interested in supporting research from our Centres of Excellence and not necessarily solely from their faculties of banking and finance. There is no definitive list of subject areas, but priority will be given to the following areas:
•     Ethics and integrity
•    Conduct risk
•    Culture
•    Professionalism (e.g. Education and training of bankers, Professional standards or developing the banking profession)
•    The development of Green Finance or concepts of sustainability for banking.
Other research topics may be considered if they:
•    are agreed to be influential to emerging policy in banking;
•    are aligned to the Institute’s objectives;
•    make a contribution to thought leadership, either in or from the banking industry.

Approved Employer Scheme
We understand that many of our members are supported by their employers with opportunities for continuing professional development [CPD] in the workplace. In fact many members will comply with our CPD requirements from mandatory learning from their employer. For this reason we introduced the Approved Employer Scheme.
As an Approved Employer, the number of hours to be evidenced by our members employed by you would reduce significantly.
Your organisation or department could qualify for Approved Employer status if it:
•    encourages employees to develop professional judgement and ethical sensitivity
•    is committed to developing employees
•    makes development opportunities available to all employees
•    records and monitors the development activity of employees
•    reviews and reassess the development needs of individuals on a regular basis.

Taking part in the CPD Approved Employer Scheme means that your organisation will enjoy the benefit of:
•    an independent review every 3 years assessing the quality of the CPD activity you offer
•    benchmarking against other organisations
•    helps promote your organisation as an employer of choice.

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